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Our Mission

Hello My name is Brandon and I own Bromoto Ebikes. I am on a mission to introduce ebikes to the public with custom builds and kits to your existing bike for a fraction of the price.

Why am I doing this?

If you have searched Ebikes online you will quickly learn that the prices are ridiculous. Granted many of the companies are very well known in the market and offer great options. However, the price is what keeps everyone from purchasing their FIRST ebike. It happened to me.

It took several years for me to gain the knowledge and courage to build my first Ebike. And the result is…..INCREDIBLE! Words cant describe the feeling of riding 30 mph for 30 miles on a bicycle WITHOUT pedaling…..

I can help you achieve this goal!

“Thank you for building such a great product, I’m loving the Ebike!”

-Ben, San Diego


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Bromoto is Veteran owned and founded for delivering great customer service with a great product.

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Reach out so we can work together to help you enjoy the great outdoors all over again.
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