Our Bikes

We currently offer 3 different ebike Models. Each models will vary based on price, style and power.

Our Phase 1 Entry level is a 1000 watt ebike with frame bags for $999

Our Phase 2 Entry Enduro is $1999(starting) will give you the dirtbike frame style with a minimum motor of 1000 watt up to 1500 watt. (larger motors can be installed, price will vary. Contact us for more info)

Our Phase 3 model is considered our Distance Enduro, will offer the same frame as our Phase 2 but will offer a 20ah battery allowing for up to 45 miles per charge and options up to 1500 watts that will allow speeds up to 40mph (offroad only).

*Custom ebikes can be built (please contact us for specific build plans)


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