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Ebikes are taking the world by storm. Whether you live in the hillside of Orange County along the coast, or in a rural area in the world Glasgow, Montana. Ebikes are being ridden by all ages from 14 – 70 years young.

Here at Bromoto Ebikes we can take the stress away by assisting you to turn that old garage hoarding bicycle into an electrical assisted mode of transportation.

There are many options when it comes to determining which style of ebike drive train is right for you.

They are:

Front hub motor:

Choice of a 36volts or 48volts hub motor

This motor gets attached in the front forks and bolted down. The maximum wattage for a front hub motor safely is 500watts.

500 watts = 20 mph

350 watts = 17 mph

250 watts = 15 mph

Mid drive motor:

These kits are considered for high performance and have more torque than the other two hub options. This type of mid drive is located at the crank that helps to power there rather than the front or rear wheels.

When going this route of a mid drive setup you bypass the rear chain stress, and front hub setup and instead have to remove your old crankset and that is replaced with the motor and then you rerun your existing chain. Please note, running a mid drive will cause you to replace your chain more often.

Mid drive units tend to cost more money due to their size and potential. These have options from a 350, 500, 750, or 1,000 watts. You also have the choice of either a 36 volts for the 350 watt or the 500 watt motor you can choose 36 or 48 volts. For 750 you jump to 48 volts, and with 1000 watts you can choose a 48 or a beefier 52 volt kit.

Rear hub motor:

Similiar to front hub motors you have the choice between 36 volts and 48 volts, but only for a 500 watt hub motor. When you go up to a 750, 1000, 1200, 1500 and HIGHER, you will be limited to a 48 volts. Rear hub motor has more variables than a front hub motor due to the number of gears, chain tension and getting everything aligned accurately.

36v or 48v 500 watt hub motor will generate roughly 20 mph.

48v 750 watt hub motor will generate roughly 25 mph.

48v 1,000 watt hub motor will generate roughly 28 – 30 mph.

48v 1,500 watt hub motor will generate roughly 35 mph

48v 2,000 watt hub motor will generate roughly 40mph

**these speeds are rough estimate, multiple variables will change. Such as (elevation , weight of rider, wind, terrain (gravel, dirt, paved roads))

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